The current
travel experience

How we travel today

The journey of
tomorrow with JOY

How we will travel in the future

To sum it up - due to innovative technology and traveller-oriented thinking, Joy can replace short-distance-flights, train or bus trips, car rental or taxi rides. The rigors of checking-in, security checks and tight, uncomfortable seating with lousy, unhealthy food are replaced with a door to door service that also contributes to reducing emissions.

JOY will pick you up at your home or office and deliver you to the desired location: hotel, company office, manufacturing plant or family and best friend. Joy makes our life more comfortable, accessible and our time more precious.

Joy is a vision of the future, with features available today. It is meant to inspire – to inspire you, to inspire the mobility industry and to inspire ourselves into forward thinking.


JOY was presented as a case study during the Munich Creative Business Week 2019 by creative studio N+P Design.

Our heritage started in 1970 with Alexander Neumeister. Initially famous for the Transrapid and several highspeed trains, the interdisciplinary team today works on holistic projects combining product, digital, brand and service design.

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